An Open & Affirming church of the United Church of Christ.

Season after Pentecost 2021

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How is God at work in your life?  Where do you see us as church, as the "body of Christ", needed in our community?

As we seek to be faithful to God's ways of mercy and justice in the world, we pray many things, including,

"thank you, living God, that in Jesus Christ you have built a house not made with hands, but a people among whom you live.  We thank you that you have called us and that we belong to you.  We come now, longing to know the touch of your Spirit that we may be encouraged to serve you in the world.  Amen."         (UCC Book of Worship).

9 South Village Common, 
P. O. Box 214
New Hampshire 03467

Email addresses:


We are gathering in person for Sunday morning worship services at 10 am in the Brick Church.
For now, we will continue to require masks inside the building and to physically distance ourselves in the pews.
We will "zoom" our in-person services (email the church for that information).

We receive food donations for Joan's Pantry, located in Chesterfield, as an ongoing ministry of the church to feed the hungry.

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     We are also collecting items for Hundred Nights in Keene who provide "shelter and crisis related services to the displaced or homeless."                                                                                       Their UPDATED Wish List: 

Powdered or liquid coffee creamer - jams and jellies - pop-top cans of heat and eat meals - 

Sturdy plasticware - paper plates and bowls - paper towels/napkins - toilet paper - 

Bottled water - tarps - tents - sleeping bags - rope   

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