An Open & Affirming church of the United Church of Christ.

Dear beloved Westmoreland United Church Community,

Please, pray for God's ways of mercy, justice, and peace and healing to prevail in our nation and in our world.
Pastor Lynn


   Reflection questions for the 2021 Lenten season: What have you left behind this past year?          

        What have you encountered as new this past year?     

        What are you wanting returned in life as the pandemic era changes/morphs/hopefully ends at some yet unknown time in the future?     

        What needs to be mourned as not returning? 

        What needs to be nurtured/embraced as part of the gift of life God has given us here and now?      

What helps in being a follower of Christ instead of a rebuker of Christ’s ways?

9 South Village Common, 
P. O. Box 214
New Hampshire 03467

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We are still using "zoom" to gather remotely for Sunday 10 am (EDT) worship services. Please email the church to receive service information including the link.                         
Shalom, Pastor Lynn Wickberg

We receive food donations for Joan's Pantry, located in Chesterfield, as an ongoing ministry of the church to feed the hungry.
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     We are also collecting items for Hundred Nights in Keene who provide "shelter and crisis related services to the displaced or homeless."                                                                                  Their Wish List:  Hand Sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, spray bottles, paper towels or handi-wipes; ground coffee, powdered creamer, sugar, hot chocolate, drink mixes (lemonade, ice tea, tang). Deodorant (men’s and women’s), razors (multiple blades), shaving cream, shampoo & conditioner (full size), toothbrushes and tooth paste. Snacks (peanut butter crackers, fresh fruit, cheese-sticks, single serving packets of nuts and dried fruit), lunch foods – canned soups and stews – vegetarian appreciated also.  Backpacks, chap stick, medicated foot powder, laundry soap, spray air freshener.

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