An Open & Affirming church of the United Church of Christ.

Season after Pentecost 2021

How is God at work in your life? Where do you see us as church, as the "body of Christ", needed in our community?

As we seek to be faithful to God's ways of mercy and justice in the world, we pray many things, including,

"thank you, living God, that in Jesus Christ you have built a house not made with hands, but a people among whom you live. We thank you that you have called us and that we belong to you. We come now, longing to know the touch of your Spirit that we may be encouraged to serve you in the world. Amen." (UCC Book of Worship).

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We are also collecting items for Hundred Nights in Keene who provide "shelter and crisis related services to the displaced or homeless."

There is a box in the Church lobby labeled for them for donations. Their UPDATED August 2021 Wish List:

Sturdy Plastic Cutlery, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfecting Wipes, Spray Bottles, Handi-wipes, Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Laundry Soap (HE), spray air freshener, Tall Kitchen Garbage bags (13,30, and 55 gallon bags), Backpacks, tents, tarps, rope and flashlights.

Lightweight Jackets, Rain Jackets and Rain Ponchos, Long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts (men and women), Men’s Jeans (especially sizes 30-33 Waist and 30-36 length), belts, socks. Women’s Bras and Panties (all sizes) and Men’s boxers (all sizes) **New or gently used!

Powdered Creamer, sugar, hot chocolate mix, Drink Mixes (Lemonade, ice tea, Tang).

Breakfast cereals, jelly, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Microwavable Mac’n Cheese cups and Cup Ramen Noodles. Canned goods with Easy-open Pull Tabs (soup, tuna, ravioli, etc.), Canned soups and Stews - Vegetarian options much appreciated! ). Lunch Foods - Sliced deli meats and cheeses (individually wrapped cheese slices)

Deodorant (mens and women’s), Razors (with multiple blades), Shaving cream (travel size), Small packages of Q-tips, medicated foot powder, Shampoo & conditioner (full size), Hairbrushes and Combs, Hair Ties.

We receive food donations for Joan's Pantry, located in Chesterfield, as an ongoing ministry of the church to feed the hungry. There is a box in the Church lobby labeled for them for donations.

We are gathering in person for Sunday morning worship services at 10 am in the Brick Church, or outside when weather permits.

For now, we will continue to require masks inside the building and to physically distance ourselves in the pews.

We also "zoom" our in-person services (email the church for that information).

9 South Village Common,

P. O. Box 214


New Hampshire 03467


As the United Church of Christ likes to say,

"No matter who you are, no matter where you are in life's journey, ALL are welcome here!"